Genetics 875: Advanced Genomic & Proteomic Analysis

    W Sept 5:Introduction & Anatomy of a Genome Project

    M Sept 10:Short-read sequencing (Abyss Assembly Lab)

    W Sept 12: Short read mapping

    M Sept 17: Variant discovery using NGS (Bowtie Lab)

    W Sept 19: (Genome Alignment and ) RNA seq

    M Sept 24: Annotation - where does it come from & what does it mean? (Project Preparation Lab)

    W Sept 26: Annotation and Functional Enrichment

    M Oct 1: Microarrays & Sequencing for gene expression analysis (Intro to R Lab)

    W Oct 3: Gene expression data analysis - Part I

    M Oct 8: Gene expression data analysis – Part II (baySeq Lab)

    W Oct 10: Clustering analysis – Part I

    M Oct 15:Clustering analysis – Part II (Clustering Lab)

    W Oct 17:Motif analysis – Part I

    M Oct 22: Motif analysis – Part II (MEME Lab)

    W Oct 24: ChIP/RIP/Nucleosome-Seq

    M Oct 29: Back to BLAST and Orthology (High-throughput BLAST Lab)

    W Oct 31:Phylogenetic Profiles and Machine Learning

    M Nov 5: Phylogeny (Phylogeny Lab)

    W Nov7: Metabolic Reconstruction and Modeling

    M Nov 12: Network analysis (Cytoscape Lab)

    W Nov 14: Signaling & Other Networks

    M Nov 19: Genotyping & Genome-wide Association Studies (Lab: Help with class projects)

    W Nov 21: NO CLASS - Thanksgiving

    M Nov 26: Proteomics – Part I (Intro to PERL Lab)

    W Nov 28: Proteomics – Part II

    M Dec 3: Metagenomics - Part I (Galaxy, Qiime Lab)

    W Dec 5: Metagenomics - Part II

    M Dec 10: Project Presentations

    W Dec 12: Project Presentations