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Evolution Challenge

David Baum submitted this 4/6/10. It's an effort to sign-up 1 million people who accept evolution.

Plasticity in Evolution

[Download file "J.Ethol.-2009 Br. Neck Ravens-Yosef 1.pdf"] ZERG just finished a painful stint trying to get through West-Eberhard's Development...

Conservation Biology, Extinctions, and Biodiversity

Conservation Biology began as a recognized discipline in the 1980's, with the launching of the Journal of Conservation Biology and its associated s...

Genome Evolution and Adaptation

Lenski research on genome evolution and adaptation. (Millard suggested for ZERG discussion) Evolutionary biology: Arrhythmia of tempo and mode htt...

Origin of Species and Darwin Paraphernalia

Terry Devitt brought this to our attention. I tried finding an email so we could get a copy of the Intro, but guess we'll have to go with getting ...

Evolution Stories

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 12:56:43 -0500 From: Michael Penn <> Subject: evolution in Grow To: Mara McDonald <> Hi...

Applied Evolution

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 13:06:33 -0500 From: David Baum <> Subject: Re: may be old, but it's applied To: Mara McDonald <mamcdona@wisc....

Science and Religion

Freud and C.S. Lewis comments on "god"

Homonid Evolution

From David Baum: Special Science issue on new findings about human evolution:

Creation "science" website

This website seems to be authentic Creation "science" website, but it is so out there It is worth visiting for laughs. I almost wonder if it is n...

The movie Creation In a guest post at The Panda's Thumb blog, <


Just to clarify, the wiki should be very useful for sharing information, articles, even protocols if people want. It is an Apple wiki which is inc...


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